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Quality lies in Workmanship

Connect to China-Made 2025, inherit the spirit of Chinese Craftsmen....

Technology lies in Innovation

Technology achieves classic product, Innovation leads to Infinite Future...

Service lies in details

Our products strive for perfection, our services pursue details...

Spare Parts

All KAMY equipment is manufactured using only the most reliable and solid components. When spare parts have to be replaced it is a crucial point that the new parts are of equal quality.


KAMY offers servicing of other brand roadheaders also. You just need to send us the drawings and we counter-offer. We manufacture spare parts based on approved design and drawings.

Overhauling of Kamy's Equipments

KAMY offers more than just repair of its equipment. Your machines can be overhauled and modernized according to changing operating or site conditions and will look and operate like brand new ones.

Our Best Products

Road headers are indispensable equipment for infrastructure construction for road tunnels, railroad tunnels, dam headrace tunnels, coal-mine drifts, etc.

EBH120 Type RoadHeader

EBH120 cantilever type roadheader adopted transverse cutting with two gun head and has a good stability...

EBZ90 Type RoadHeader

EBZ90 cantilever type roadheader has a narrow size and the structure of the hydraulic system is simple...

EBZ120 Type RoadHeader

EBZ120 cantilever type roadheader has a mature technology, the quality is excellent, it is used in tunneling...

EBZ135 Type RoadHeader

EBZ135 cantilever type roadheader has a low body, it is adopted Import pilot control hydraulic system, has a high reliability...

EBZ160 Type RoadHeader

EBZ160 cantilever type roadheader equipped the cutting arm with extension type which can realize positioning cutting...

EBZ200 Type RoadHeader

EBZ200 cantilever type roadheader equipped with extension-type cutting arm, it can realize positioning cutting...


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Recent News

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Our factory in March, very busy season

With the coal market picking up in China, the company's production and maintenance tasks have also seen greater growth. In order to successfully complete the task, and fully grasp the market opportunities, our factory employees are racing against time to finish the production...



SANDVIK MH620 cutting drum restructuring work is completed

After more than a month's efforts, our company recently completed the SANDVIK MH620 cutting drum repair and restructuring work.



EBZ120 Roadheader in Hunan Longshan Water Diversion Project

Our company's EBZ120 roadheader working in Hunan Longshan water diversion project . The company sent a team of professionals to assist at the construction site. Roadheader has completed a total of more than 70 meters, about 30% of the total project work as of now.

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KAMY Machinery plays an important role in roadheader for construction and mining industry.

Guiyang Metro Line 1

EBH120 Roadheader

EBZ260 Roadheader

EBZ200 Roadheader

EBH120 Roadheader

EBZ200 Roadheader for coal mining in Poland

Meet Our Team

Since the extablishment of our company, KAMY's goal has been "Service for Clients' is the utmost" and has provided high-quality, high-efficiency and all-round service for the industry.

Jianping Duan


Jianping Duan


GuangZhao Wang


GuangZhao Wang


YongPing Cui

Technical Director

YongPing Cui

Technical Director

JICheng Lu

Sales Director

JICheng Lu

Sales Director